I spent the past 16 years as a professor of Exercise Science and Nutrition at a Christian liberal arts college, specializing in research into the original Christian practice of the shared meal.  The concept of eating together is nothing new.  But to do so with the intention of coming together at the table in God’s presence-by his invitation and sustained by his daily provision-creates a rhythmic practice that is nurturing, nourishing, and formative.

Let me teach you about the table.  There are lessons here about journey.  Mission.  Hospitality.  Fellowship.  Reconciliation.  Resting.

And by all means, recognize that the best practices are shared ones.  Share your comments and observations.  Share the blog with others.  Invite others to this table and eat your fill.

And may it be a blessing in your life as the food multiplies and is shared.

J.A.P. Walton, Ph.D.  IMG_0344


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